Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Johnson Farm

Last week we had a chance to visit my friend Becky. She had surgery in her foot and has been resting at her parent's farm. Even though the girls don't know Becky very well they were thrilled to go to the farm. Victoria was getting so hyper in the car (which is rare for her) and she finally said "Mom, Dad when you are happy about seeing your favorite thing it is hard to act normal for so long!"
Once we arrived I thought the girls would run out of the van as fast as they could. I'm so impressed they actually went into the house to greet Becky first. Of course their excitement was so obvious that soon they were looking at the horses. Cristina loved getting sweet grass to feed the horses. The funny thing was she would choose the longest stalks so she wouldn't have to get too close. Victoria let them eat right out of the palm of her hand. The girl has NO fear! I have to admit I was more on the timid side like Cristina. My favorite ones were the two colts. They are 3 months old and have just been weaned off of their mothers. One of them nipped Victoria and for a while I thought she was going to cry. My tough girls was downcast for a little while and then was right back out there again. Mr. Johnson was joking that he'd like to hire them as farm hands. The girls were really hoping he wasn't kidding. They wanted to do all kinds of chores around the farm! I'm sure the thrill wouldn't last too long but getting to pet the horses everyday is a great incentive.