Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Recent conversations

Recently my girls have been cracking me up! The things they have come up with is just too funny sometimes.

Sick Day/Late night with Cristina
C - Mom if we were homeschooled what would we do if I was sick?
Me - Basically what we did today hon
C - You mean we'd lie on the couch, watch some TV and have no homework?
Me - Yep
C - Ohhhhh Sweeeeet! Yeah baby!!

To Homeschool Or Not -
Being the analytical mind that I am I've actually created a pros/cons list for homeschooling. The #1 item on the con list is "fear". My girls saw that and....
C - Why does it say fear? We're not afraid
Me - I know sweetie but I'm afraid. I'm afraid you won't like it. I'm afraid you'll miss your friends. But mostly I'm afraid I won't be a good teacher.
V - (rather surprised) But mom you are a good teacher everyday!

Getting ready for the Spring Concert
Me - (I bent down to pick up something and apparently my shirt is too big)
C - Mom that shirt is too big on you
V - Yeah mom I can see your girls!
Me - LOL my girls?
V - yeah that is what we call 'those' in front of the boys so we don't have to say the word!
Me - oh (LOL again!)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Go Ye Mighty Pumas!

Lately the girls have been involved in softball. We've been rained out for most of our practices but the girls are still learning a lot! I'm so grateful for their coaches, especially Brad Laures, who are so patient with them.

Victoria had an opportunity to be the Catcher. After getting all the gear on she took her position. She listened intently to the directions and managed to stay focused. She even caught a few but we hope next time she'll use her mitt!

Victoria loved touching home plate. She knew she scored a run for our team and was so excited. Even though nobody kept score it was great for her self-esteem.
Cristina had a few chances up at bat and was surprised when she hit the ball! She loved running to first. I was a bit surprised that she didn't get distracted while waiting for the next batter.
All in all they are having a great time which is the main reason we enrolled them in the league.
Go Ye Mighty Pumas!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Pure in Heart

A few weeks ago, Victoria and I had a chance to go to a Pure in Heart Conference. It is designed for mothers and daughters to come together. Plus one of their goals is for tweens to keep themselves pure before God. This isn't just referring to sexual purity but purity in all areas. Plus it is also about seeing yourself as a princess. After all, we are the King's daughters!
She and I had time together as we listened to great music, skits and teaching and then she had her own workshop to go to with girls her own age. Every time we got together again Victoria couldn't wait to tell me about the things she was learning. For myself, communication was one of my primary goals for the conference. She is growing up so fast and lately I've felt like I've been missing out on what is going on in her life. Ever since we have been back we've been able to share more and more.
She loved getting her picture taken with the 'princess' that was there. She laughed a lot of the silly picture we took together! Honestly, though, her favorite time was when we broke off from the group and had lunch together. She just wanted to be with me and that was PRICELESS!