Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Celebrating the Beauty Within

There are so many times when all I see is my ugliness, fat, failures and shortcomings. Thankfully today was not one of those days. For quite some time people have been noticing that I've been losing weight. I've been very slow to see it in myself. Cristina has commented that my pants are too big. I've just been getting used to wearing baggy clothes and not really thinking too much about it. Tonight I went out to eat with a friend of mine and then decided to go to Kohl's. Kohl's and I have a love/hate relationship. I either find a lot of clothes or I find nothing at all. The last time I went shopping I was too large for the regular sizes but too small for the plus sizes. It was extremely frustrating! I've also discovered that not all sizes are created equal. A size 18 pant in one brand fits just fine but in another brand is way too tight. Who designs these clothes and the sizing system? Well I was very excited to find a size 14 that I could wear. Woo hoo!! I just about cried in the dressing room.

I went to check out with my purchase feeling like a million bucks. The cashier asked me if I found everything ok. I couldn't contain my excitement and I briefly told her about my journey. She shared with me her frustrations and failures. I was able to encourage her and hopefully cheer her up. She is a lovely gal and I never noticed her size at all. As I was talking to her it struck me that most people don't notice my size either. However, they can see my attitude and how I carry myself. It either glows and I'm radiant or it is dull and I am drab and dreary. So, as I spoke with the cashier I told her to "celebrate the beauty within". Each of us carry a piece of God within us and we are His beloved. It isn't easy to believe and live out but we are worth the effort!