Thursday, October 30, 2008


I was thinking about dreams....or maybe I was dreaming about thinking. I'm not so sure exactly how it goes. Oh yeah I remember now! Curious to know about your dreams. Ever since the MOPS Convention there are some things brewing within my heart. One of them is to write. I think that is why I'm loving to blog. No purpose, no agenda, just full liberty in the written word. Is anyone gifted in grammar? I am working on a writing project that requires serious review. I tend to type the way I talk and I'z don't alwayz speech so goodly. :) Anyone interested? You never know when I become rich and famous I may dedicate my first novel to you! Either that or I'll give you 20% off of my first book.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Look at your hair!

"Oh wow! Look at your hair!" That is the polite phrase my friend Lorrie uses whenever someone gets a haircut. It isn't a good comment or a bad one. So, you can't really tell if she likes it. But she is enthusiastic and smiling so it does build you up. She is GOOD! She's done it to me and I always feel great afterward even if I didn't like my haircut.

Today at work I had the same type of "Lorrie" smile and enthusiasm. A customer walked into Lemstone (the best Christian bookstore!), when she saw me she was so excited! She hugged me and for the life of me I had NO CLUE who she was. Her husband was smiling as she introduced me but I still couldn't place her. I quickly ran through my mental address book. I knew her voice but I couldn't remember her name. How embarrassing! After about 20 min. or so, I finally remembered her. Why didn't I just ask her what her name was at the beginning? Why go through all of that?

Ok...random thoughts in the middle of the week.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pet Peeves

Oh since today is a cold Monday morning I'm in a growly mood. Nothing too dangerous just in a mood. I told Travis, I want to blame it on the weather, society, PMS, bad carma, my upbringing, basically anything that would take the responsibility off of me! Now, I know some of you post the famous "Not Me" list. Today I wanted to try something different. What are your pet peeves? Not the things that make you mad but just small things that can cause irritation. Give me your top 5

5. I don't like a messy calendar. I get upset when I have to erase something or heaven forbid cross it out. Once it is in there it should stay there!

4. I don't like giving up the remote control! So, I usually keep it. My favorite feature is the mute button since I don't like commercials. But if someone else has it and my show starts again they better have the sound back on QUICK!

3. I cannot handle loud voices or high pitched noises. It really grinds on my teeth. Similar to fingernails on a chalkboard.

2. Sponges are gross! We use washable dish towels now. They are small and I can wash them as often as I like. Otherwise sponges get so nasty and I would be buying them constantly.

1. I have a very sensitive nose so people with bad breath or B.O. really effect me. I have at times gagged before because the scent is so strong. This is also true with sweet smelling flowers and perfumes. I'm too sensitive (hehe I'm sure Michael would silently agree!) and I can't handle it.

This is quite therapeutic and I feel better now! Ok it is your turn now Kim and Travis

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It isn't fair!

I'm sure no mom has ever heard those words before! I was really under the belief that my innocent, God fearing, sweet girls would never utter these words. Surely life would always go their way and they'd never have reason to complain. Well I heard them come from my little girl and she was mad! Her exact quote "It isn't fair! Victoria gets everything!!! She gets to miss school, she gets a cast, she gets to have x-rays at the dentist, plus she leaves school early again! MOM, it isn't fair!"

Oh my life is so hard. It is true I allowed Victoria to leave school early when she fractured her elbow. I let her to go to the pediatrician, the ER and the Ortho clinic. I let her have a check-up, x-rays and a cast. I also gave the dental hygienist permission to give her x-rays and a fluoride treatment. Plus as if that wasn't enough on Wednesday I let Victoria leave school at 9 am. Of course she had thrown up twice but that doesn't matter. My ulterior motive is to make Cristina's life difficult.

Life isn't fair! Should I let her know that this is just the beginning?!! After all, big sisters usually get everything. My sister always stayed up later. She got to drive first, wear make up first, and date first. She even got to go to school in Mexico. I know my parents must have loved her more. I'm sure that is why this happened to me, right?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Loser mom moment

I had a loser mom moment recently. On Wednesday morning, Victoria woke up with a stomach ache. She didn't want any breakfast but of course I wanted her to eat a little something. I can't send her to school without breakfast, right? After a bit she perked up so, I dropped her and her sister off at school by 8:15 am. I came home and got ready for work. At 9 am I got a call from the school that Victoria has thrown up twice!

My friend, Terri, asked me if she'd eaten anything that may have caused it. Of course I said no because I wouldn't give her anything that would harm her. Well.....come to find out I unintentionally did. I keep cups of milk in the fridge for the girls. That way whenever they are thirsty they can get it themselves. Out of curiosity I took a sip of Victoria's milk. I almost gagged! Not sure how it happened but apparently she drank some sour milk. She never said it tasted bad!!!

So, my wisdom for moms...if your child has a stomach ache give them sour milk. That will purge their system! After all, Victoria was fine by 10:30 am so it must have worked. And yes I'm kidding!!! Lighten up people ;)

7 Things About Me

Ok I haven't a clue how to write a link so I'm not tagging anyone else. By now all of you know the rules so I'm taking the short cut and not posting those either.

1. I love powdered donuts and popcorn. Although not at the same time. I could easily finish a box of donuts by myself or a bag of popcorn. I'll share but in very limited quantities.

2. I actually think I sing well. Too bad the acoustics are altered whenever someone else is nearby. If you could hear what I hear you'd be really impressed too!

3. I'm not sure how it started but our girls like making us breakfast in bed on Saturdays. I'm such a good mom that I let them! I also like letting my husband help them if needed.

4. I'm a rule follower. Usually I don't speed. I'd never go in the 10 items or less line at the grocery store if I had 11 items.

5. I can't stand shopping! Unless it is a book store I truly don't see the joy in walking the mall and window shop. It has to have a purpose and it better be quick.

6. I love to read a good mystery. The only bad thing is that once I start I have to finish it asap! It drives me nuts not to know the ending. I've gone without sleep just so I can finish a book.

7. I Love Lucy and The Flintstone's are my top two favorite shows that I grew up watching and I still watch! I have both shows Season 1 DVDs.

I'm drowning!

Yikes! I'm drowning in a sea of Facebook friend requests, blog updates, regular emails and life in general. Help!!! Ok so I'm slightly exaggerating but my oh my. "Back in the day" of bbs life (which was about 15 years ago) I could carry on conversations with about 20 or more people and had no problem. I could post, talk and even eat a snack. Now I don't even understand half of the requests I'm getting. I have people writing on my wall, tagging me, and requesting to be my friend. Plus they keep multiplying at a VERY rapid rate.

I was quite excited the other day when I posted a picture hehehe Let me just say it is a sad day when my own husband requests to be my friend on Facebook and I'm not even sure what to do next. Of course, the obvious question is 'Do I want him as a friend?" mwahahaha Oh and now I get a 'relationship request' YIKES! At least it is from Michael!

I've been trying to limit my computer time but it isn't working. When we had dial-up it would take me forever to do something but that was only one or two tasks at a time. Now I'm on high speed but all that means is that I'm losing track of things faster than before. Does this ever end? I keep hearing how much fun this is supposed to be but I'm not getting that loving feeling.

Is this what happens when one gets old? Although according to a dear friend of mine "You know you are old when you become a middle school service project!" hahaha So I still have a few years left before that happens.

Seriously though I feel like I have taken a seven year break on computer games, lingo and such. So now I'm feeling overwhelmed. So if you tag me and I don't respond you'll know why. My biggest concern is that I'll be really addicted. Housework, family time, basic real life things are already taking a back seat. Where does one sign up for self-control? Could I set up a timer that would kick me offline?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The sweetest thing...

Sounds odd to say but truly my heart is that even a word? I'm sure some school teachers will catch me on that one! But, I am having such a 'mom' moment and I can't stop smiling!

My 7 year old daughter, Victoria, has not really enjoyed reading. She'll do it but it is not one of her favorite things at all. She gets frustrated and gives up easily. I wish she could see the MAJOR improvements I've witnessed over the last few months. Anyway, yesterday morning she read a few parts from our devotional book at breakfast. Plus she joyfully read the prayer at the end. Her smile was amazing! She didn't get every word 100% right yet I could tell she loved reading it. I was speechless at first. Proud and thankful because God was so visible to me in that brief moment. (Oh and did you noticed I posted a picture!?? Whee! hehehehe)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tutor needed!

Wow...first time I've blogged two days in a row. Is this going to be my new addiction? Should I be concerned? Is this a result of having high speed? On dial up I never even considered blogging but now......hehehehe!
I do need help though. I know how to post and change some basic colors but that is about it. I want to post pictures, add Scripture and MAYBE get fancy and add music. Anyone up to the task? Let me know!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

5 Things I Hate To Admit

I've been tagged! Thanks Travis! Now I have to bare my soul via this blog? YIKES! 5 things, eh? Well hmmm.....I suppose confession is good for the soul.
Ok #5 - I'm a TV addict. When Without a Trace, Cold Case, Law & Order or the Amazing Race is on I purposely don't answer the phone. My kids better not have a need during that time either. I get very....shall we say...not nice. I don't like missing the opening scenes of any of those shows. I've (somewhat gently) tossed my kids a granola bar so I don't have to actually MAKE them something to eat during that time.
#4 - Clean freaks scare me! Yet some of them are my dearest friends. Sort of a contradiction. I'm FAR from a clean freak. Instead of cleaning a bit at a time I let it go until I get too overwhelmed and then I do nothing. Usually it takes company to come over before I'll actually clean. But then I get irritated at myself and anyone else nearby for letting it get so out of hand. So why do neat freaks scare me? Should be obvious I suppose. But it is because even when my home is clean I know it could be better. I am paranoid I'll be judged or criticized. Or worse they'll want to help. Usually they have far more energy than I do. :)
#3 - I can't stand being late! I don't speed (usually) but I race around the house and barking out orders. On school days I'm sure I've made my girls crazy getting out the door. On church days I'm sure if anyone eavesdropped I sound like a lunatic! Is it worth it? Obviously not but how does one break this habit?
#2 - hehehe Many times I've eavesdropped on conversations in Spanish. I admit I'm nosey. Every once in a while I freak them out by saying something in Spanish much later. Hehe

OK I gotta take a breath here...

#1 - ok the hardest one of all. I hate to admit that when I saw the movie Fireproof tonight (EXCELLENT movie!! A must see) I wanted to be the wife. A victim of her husbands selfish behavior. I wanted my husband to relate to the husband's character. To point out how I have felt sometimes. Well God doesn't usually work like that, right?! As the movie progressed and lost myself in the dialogue and the scenes I realized I'm selfish. I'm the one who has kept a score card. I keep saying I'm not doing that but I know down deep I am. I know I need to take The Love Dare. But, I also hate to admit that I don't want to! I want the results without the work. I'm sure nobody can relate to that.

ok that's enough therapy for one night

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hubby posts again!

High Speed, Routers and blogs... OH MY!
OK, I had to sneak in again...
Well, I've been digging myself out of the avalanche of contacts and stuff over on Facebook. Thanks Carlos for the invite.
Anyone who has known me over the years knows that I have always kept as distant as possible when it comes to anything political. I've always had a bit off an "activist" attitude about the few things I was passionate about, but recently, I dunno, seems like ever since I turned 40, something has been unleashed in me. I've always 'wrote to my representatives', but now I'm writing them, and others, a LOT more. I've even dedicated one of my blogs to 'all things politics'. Oh, I'm not some crafty commentator or analyst (Stephanopoulos can sleep at nights on that one I guess). I mostly post the things that I get in my email that relate to the "issues at hand".
But to the first two items on this entry... We are now on day 3 of having high speed internet. It was so EASY to set up the cable modem. Man, save yourself a few bucks when you sign up for high speed, have them send you the "do-it-yourself" kit. If you can read, you can set up your system. I think even my wife could have done it!
Up to this point, I'd been relying on open wireless connections from various neighbors to get online at home with my laptop from work. But that has been getting progressively harder to do as more secure their wireless and others are just too far away to connect. So, yesterday, a wireless router I ordered came in and I set that up as well. It was about 1 am before I headed off to bed. No, it wasn't that hard, it was actually easier than the cable modem. But we had gotten home late, had to do the 'bed time routines' while Marcie was on a conference call and occupying the computer/high speed internet. So I used my work laptop to do the things I had to do. When Marcie FINALLY came down, I went up to install the wireless router and finish up a few other items in the office. Hence 1am bed time. Nevermind that I had committed to going to the Friday morning prayer @ 6 am!!!
And then I wonder why I don't have a lot of energy at work? OH MY...

Michael out...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

One dream come true....

One of my dreams has finally come true! We FINALLY have high speed internet at my house! Hooray! On dial up I could open up a file with an attachment, go make a sandwich, come back and it would still be loading. Some days I could even eat the sandwich, clean up, come back and it would still be loading. Now on high speed it is FAAAAAAAAST! So, no more snacks for me which could be a good thing.

I have been warned that now that I've crossed over I can never go back. I've already told my husband that I'd request more hours at work to pay for it if I had to because I'm never going back! He's fairly amused. I'm like a little kid with a new toy.

Hopefully I'll soon learn how to put pictures and music and such on here. But for now I'm having too much fun checking out sites I couldn't view before. As a matter of fact I JUST learned that my friend Travis' blog has music. Before, on dial up, I kept hearing something but didn't even realize it was supposed to be a real song!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hubby posts one...

OK, Marcie is away at her MOPS convention so I thought I'd help her kick this thing off finally. ;-)
As any MOPS family knows, now through Sunday is the time when Mom gets to go off and play while Dad stays home and plays 'Single Dad'.
The last week has been interesting. Marcie fretting about what she was going to talk about for her presentation she will make, what to pack, which suitcase(s) to use, will she have enough room to shop at the MOPShop, will there be enough room for books, will her suitcase weigh too much for the trip home, how much will she have to pay for over weight baggage, etc...
But we finally got her packed last night and she went to bed around 10:00pm I think it was.
She then got up around 3:00am (I think) and took the little car up to Cedar Rapids and parked in long-term parking as we had planned. She then called and left a message at work to tell me (sort of) where she parked so I could find it when I went to get the car home again.
This morning went well, but I was concerned when Cristina woke up early, made a beeline for our bedroom and proceeded to cry because she missed mommy. ACK! Mommy hadn't been gone for more than 3 hours and our baby was having separation issues! I wasn't sure I could cope with this already! I held her and reassured her that this time would go quickly enough.
Luckily I've done this stint before so I am not completely lost when it comes to getting the girls to school.
I got them up, dressed, fed, lunches packed, teeth brushed, hair brushed, back packs packed and then dropped off at school.
After school they went to the Buser's house until I got off work.
From there, we came home, waited for David to come over so he could come with us to go get the car.
After we got up to the airport and found the car, it wasn't so hard to find after all, all four of us went to the A&W and had supper, my treat.
We came home, David went home, the girls got their PJs on, we read stories, said prayers and off to bed they went.
So now, I'm watching my Bug Bunny DVDs while doing some computer work and writing on my wife's blog. It only took me 4 tries to remember her password!
So, now those of you who want something more on Marcie's blog to read, here you go.
Now it will be her turn to crank something out. Who knows, maybe with pictures?
That may depend on how soon I get us set up with high speed. :-/

God bless to all and to all a good night!